Movie And TV Recommendations For The Week

TV and Movie Recommendations | October Week 1
Photo: TV and Movie Recommendations | October Week 1

Alright! We are trying something new here. Every week, we will list a set of cool movies and TV shows for you to binge-watch on the weekend. We want to recommend a broad range of material here: not just what's popular, but also the hidden gems on Netflix and Prime. We will not restrict good entertainment to these streaming platforms. We will be suggesting classic movies, great documentaries and awesome TV shows for your viewing pleasure. So let's get this going.

Classic Movie: Blade Runner - Final Cut

Since one of the most classic of the 80's movies has a sequel release this Friday, it's only apt that we recommend its cult predecessor Blade Runner. Now Blade Runner has multiple edits and the director of Blade Runner 2049, Denis Villeneuve recommends the Final Cut version (2007).

Blade Runner is a sci-fi dystopian movie in which genetically modified humans are sent to off-planet colonies to work as slaves. After a violent mutiny by the Replicants, they are banned from Earth and a special police unit called the Blade Runners are assigned to hunt them down. In the movie, Deckard is tasked to track Replicants who have come to earth to extend their life - which lasts just four years. Along the journey, the movie raises important ethical and moral questions about what it truly means to be a human.

TV show on Netflix: American Vandal.

American Vandal is a straight-up parody of Netflix's own true-crime TV shows like Making a Murderer. While the show looks absurd and unoriginal from its trailer; American Vandal is not just funny, it is actually quite thought-provoking. There is an in-depth examination of the high-school life, internet celebrity culture and, the harm of biases and superficial judgments. It's also hilarious by the way.

Documentary on Netflix: Long Shot

Long Shot is one of the best short documentaries in recent times. It tells the story of Juan Catalan, who is on trial for the murder of Martha Puebla. Juan's Lawyer has to prove to the judge that he was at a baseball game at the time of the murder. Sadly, the video recording at the Dodger's game isn't clear enough to acquit Juan. He finds an unlikely savior in Larry David and his TV show. This documentary is going to blow your mind.