Christian Bale And Amy Adams Look Unrecognisable in Adam McKay's BackSeat

Christian Bale in American Hustle
Photo: Christian Bale in American Hustle

Everybody knows Christian Bale is willing to undergo the physical struggle to morph into characters written for him. He reportedly lost a massive 65 pounds for his role in Machinist and then put back on 109 pounds of well-toned muscular form for the Batman. He lost weight again for the movie Fighter and then flaunted a well-nourished beer-belly in American Hustle. Bale can transform to the extreme scales of the weight spectrum for sure, but, for the Adam Mckay movie BackSeat, his physical change might have outdone all of his previous. Here are the latest images from the sets of the movie.

In BackSeat, Bale will play Dick Cheney, the 46th Vice-President of United States. Dick had a controversial tenure, who despite his "Vice" status, dictated the disastrous American Foreign Policy - that led to the failures of Afghanistan and Iraq. Cheney's infamous two-term extended well beyond that, with support for failed economic policies, CIA leaks and his involvements with the controversial energy giant Enron and the defence industry Halliburton. Adam Mckay last directed the Oscar-winning The Big Short, an unapologetic commentary on the 2008 Wall Street Crash.

Accompanying Bale is Amy Adams, who will play Lynne Cheney, Dick's wife. The supporting cast is a stellar line-up with Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush, Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld, LisaGay Hamilton as Condoleezza Rice and Tyler Perry as Colin Powell.