Blade Runner 2049 Makes A Disappointing Start At The Box-Office

Blade Runner Poster
Photo: Blade Runner Poster

While Blade Runner 2049 has the unanimous approval of the critics, that goodwill hasn't translated to box-office earnings. The movie made $31.5 million in domestic markets and $50 million overseas. The overseas numbers are pretty good though and might help the movie breakeven, with the production budget estimated to be over 150 million. But, Blade Runner has fallen short of expectations. According to a Fandango survey, it was the third most anticipated movie with the audiences for the fall season and was projected to earn at least over $50 million domestically.

It's not like the movie hasn't been liked by the audiences. It has a pretty cool A- audience rating with CinemaScore. But, the hype surrounding the movie seems to have only come from the people who were fans of the original. With a 35 year gap between the first and the sequel, there are a lot of people who just aren't aware of Blade Runner, unless one is a move enthusiast who likes slow burner sci-fi movies.

Even though Blade Runner 2049 flops, the quality is bound to stand out. The first movie, which came out in 1982, wasn't a runaway hit as well. Many critics did not like it at first and it made $33 million to a $28 million budget. Its popularity built slowly over time, as film-enthusiasts evaluated the themes and the moral philosophy of the complex movie. Blade Runner 2049 will probably go down the same road as well.

Then there is the awards season to consider. Any Oscar hype is bound to build interest in the audiences, pushing DVD and Blue-Ray sales. But, money isn't everything. Mad Max did not have a stupendous box-office record but, it is considered a modern classic. It was a tough act to follow for Blade Runner 2049, but Denis has created an incredibly remarkable film that has stamped itself more in the minds and hearts of the audiences than the sometimes meaningless records of box-office metrics.