Who Is The Most Realistic Superhero? Neil deGrasse Tyson Has An Answer.

Neil Degrasse Tyson
Photo: Neil Degrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the smartest people in the world. Apart from being a brilliant Astrophysicist nerd, he sometimes spares a few hours of his day exploring the science in popular culture. He is a science educator after all and how best to invigorate scientific interest than to break down inaccurate scientific depiction in entertainment. Yeah, it sometimes gets on our nerves the way he nitpicks the science in movies in a long series of tweets. "It's called creativity, Neil", you shout back with frustration. But, Neil takes his job as a science educator seriously and we love him for that. So, with the invasion of Super-Hero movies on screen in the last few years, who does Neil think is the most scientifically accurate.

And the answer is Batman. It's always Batman. Let's be honest, we could have seen this coming. Bruce Wayne doesn't have any super-powers - so that grounds him to everyday reality. His abilities as a ninja-cum-brawler are from years of training in martial arts; that's attainable. He has top-notch gadgets that aid his abilities, which he can afford because he is filthy rich and owns multiple weapons industries. He is also super-smart, being a crime-fighting detective and all. Though unlikely, Batman seems possible when you compare the hyper-realities of other super-heroes.

What about Iron-Man? He has plenty in common with the Bats. The main problem with Iron Man, according to Mr. Tyson, is the arc-reactor, which just isn't feasible in real life. A powerful reactor like that would vaporise anything close to it. Sorry, Iron-Man fans... your hopes of creating a flying metal armour are dashed.