IT 2 Has A Release Date

IT | Warner Bros
Photo: IT | Warner Bros

One of the year's biggest hits, IT is getting a sequel. While the movie was expected to do well, its strong performance has taken many by surprise and Warner Brothers have ordered a sequel without much hesitation. IT 2 will hit the theatres on September 6, 2019.

A vital reason for IT's strong box office showing was its September release date. Not finding itself trapped inside the summer block-buster muddle, IT found a lot of visibility with the audiences. Yes, Stephen King is still popular around here, but IT could have been easily lost in the crowd if Warner Bros had opted for a summer release. Though risky, the nostalgia plus great early reviews were enough for it to take home $478 million dollars against the measly 30 million dollar production budget. IT is also the highest grossing R-rated horror movie of all time in the domestic markets, taking over from The Exorcist. It was only a logical step for the studio to opt for another September release schedule for the sequel.

The story in the sequel will take place 27 years later. Pennywise will be back from his dormant stage to haunt the kids in the small town of Derry. Not much is known about the sequel apart from Jessica Chastain being approached to play Beverly. Bill Skarsgard will return obviously. The production team from the first film is expected to take over the sequel, seeing there were little complaints about them and they made a pretty cool movie. The production of the sequel is said to begin next spring and Gary Dauberman is reportedly working on a script.

That's all the info we have for now. If there are any new breakthroughs, make sure to catch it here first.