Hey Marvel, Can You Add Some Color To The Dull Superhero Costumes?

Wasp Costume in upcoming Ant-Man And The Wasp | Marvel
Photo: Wasp Costume in upcoming Ant-Man And The Wasp | Marvel

Yesterday, Marvel gave us a glimpse at the new Wasp suit for the upcoming Ant-Man And The Wasp movie. Whilst excited for Evangeline Lilly's role in the movie, the suit's design is underwhelming. It's another generic suit with a few added custom layers, not enough to make any striking difference. That is more disappointing considering the Wasp suit we were promised in the end-credit scene of Ant-Man.

Wasp Costume in Ant-Man | Marvel
Wasp Costume in Ant-Man | Marvel

Yup, now that was a good looking costume. Adapting the design from the comic books can often be tricky. Care has to be taken to ensure the suit doesn't look like a cheap gimmick. With a sense of realism in the modern superhero movies, there is a lot of practicality attached to even the fictional designs. Remember in the Dark Knight the Bat-suit was completely redesigned because Batman wanted to turn his head comfortably. Now, Marvel has created some good looking costumes: Iron-Man, Captain America, Black Panther and even Ant-Man are some examples. The rest - mostly secondary characters - have to wear black, gray or bland shades of blue - close to bordering on gray. On top of that, the color-grading surely doesn't help. Check out a great video essay about it here.

You can argue that suits aren't really important. Logan never wore his comic-book trademark black and yellow in the movies and we were just fine with that. But, that's the rule 20th Century's X-Men movies followed for their universe. The costumes are a big part of the Marvel movies and they have been essential to the superhero origin stories till date. It embodies the unique essence of the character. And handing a dull looking costume to the Wasp on her first outing is not cool Marvel. Can we paint some metallic gold on to that, please?