Thor: Ragnarok - New Footage Of The Battle Between Hulk And Thor

Thor and Hulk | Thor: Ragnarok | Marvel
Photo: Thor and Hulk | Thor: Ragnarok | Marvel

We can't wait to see Hulk and Thor fight it out. While the battle between two colossal superheroes is big news on earth, it's also the main event in the far reaches of the universe.

Leaving aside Hulk and Thor fighting in a gladiator battle for bragging rights, we also get glimpses of Hela. She is single-handedly taking on the mighty armies of Asgard. Then she is shown fighting the Thor, in a one on one fight scene, and goddess of death and destruction looks a formidable opponent. Hela might just about end up being one of the best villains in the Cinematic Universe.

Thor: Ragnarok releases on November, 3.