Review: While You Were Sleeping Episode 5 and 6

Bae Suzy as Hong-joo | While You Were Sleeping | SBS
Photo: Bae Suzy as Hong-joo | While You Were Sleeping | SBS

While You Were Sleeping Episode 5 and 6



Oh Choong-hwan



Lee Jong-suk, Bae Suzy, Lee Sang-yeob, Ko Sung-hee, Jung Hae-in, Kim So-hyun, Kim So-hyun, Jung Hae-in



Fantasy, Romance, Drama



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While You Were Sleeping Episode: Secretly, Greatly

After the disappointing previous episodes, I thought that the show was a clinker but, what a thrilling comeback episodes 5 and 6 have made.

The most surreal part of the show was its direction and cinematography. Especially the opening scene: the hazy and slow shot accentuated the feeling of watching someone's dream like it was our own. Even the subtle shift from the present to the past was detailed and astonishingly beautiful.

All the praise to the cinematographic team and the director for their brilliant use of color. Over the 6 episodes, most of the shots were taken in the night. Each of these frames had a subtle yet refreshing tint of purple, blue and white. Even with the usual jam-packed production schedule, they pulled off the whole romantic fantasy world with great ease.

Talking of romance, we have a great news. We finally got to see Jae-chan's (Jong-suk) growing love for Hong-joo (Suzy). This is a huge change in Jae-chan from the previous episodes, where he barely had any feelings for Hong-joo. But now, he is all love struck. This is what we have all been waiting for. If this wasn't enough for you, hear us out - next episode is going to be packed with more romantic scenes. Yay!

The romantic part aside, let's dig deeper into the story. Hong-joo isn't the only one with special abilities now. Jae-chan and shockingly Han Woo-tak (Jung Hae-In), the police officer have gained the same capabilities as Hong-joo. So now the question arises, is this ability a result of the altered future or does it have something to do with their connected past?

Jung Hae-in as the police officer | While You Were Sleeping
Jung Hae-in as the police officer | While You Were Sleeping

I did find one major loophole with Woo-tak's dreaming abilities and it is the ease with which he can alter the future. In spite of Hong-joo owning the ability to foresee future from a very young age, not once was she able to alter it. So how was it so easy for Woo-tak? It is acceptable for Jae-chan to change the future because he is supposedly "the fastest". If altering dreams were that easy, then Hong-joo could have done it all along.

An important connection from the previous episode: we wondered about the fuss of Hong-joo's past and the connection between her and Jae-chan. Now we know that the man who killed Hong-joo's dad was the same culprit who killed Hong-joo's father.

Excluding the loophole, everything about episode 5 and 6 was perfect. It was far better than the previous episodes where the flashbacks and the flash-forwards were way too confusing.

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