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While You Were Sleeping Episode 3 and 4



Oh Choong-hwan



Lee Jong-suk, Bae Suzy, Lee Sang-yeob, Ko Sung-hee, Jung Hae-in, Kim So-hyun



Fantasy, Romance, Drama



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The first two episodes of While You Were Sleeping grabbed our attention with some major twists. But it wasn't the case with episode three and four. Though there were few flash-forwards and flashbacks, this time it was less intriguing. It was focused more on the interlinked connections of the characters and their past, and a much-needed proper introduction to the protagonists and the antagonist.

The good guy, the bad guy and the weird one - that's what our main leads are categorized into.

Jae-chan (Jung-suk) is the good guy. He is far more intelligent than the experienced prosecutors and now has the same abilities as Hong-joo.

Hong-joo (Bae Suzy)  is the weird one. Despite carrying the burden of prophesies that she cannot stop, Hong-joo isn't a grief-stricken character, rather she has an oddly bubbly and witty personality. Jae-chan and her funny conversations are a great escape from all the heart-warming scenes in the drama.

No drama is complete without a villain. Meet Yoo-bum (Sang-yeob), he is darker than the darkest shade of black but his charming face conveniently masks it. People can barely look past his facade and that's a big win-win for him. With least concern to justice, Yoo-bum has taken up a case to protect his client accused of domestic violence. Now, this whole subplot is interlinked to Jae-chan's younger brother, who is in love with the accuser's daughter. Get ready for the big wars coming your way.

Talking about the major Hong-joo's flashback, few people were disappointed that the show tried to project it as a "surprising twist".  This scene was far from surprising. It was evident from the first episode that Hong-joo's father had died from an accident that she had foreseen.  Thought it did not serve the purpose of surprising us, it did reveal that the two protagonists have previously crossed paths. It will take few more episodes for them to discover the same. Pretty sure it will be Jae-chan who will end up recollecting their first meet after seeing the baseball and some old pictures of Hong-joo.  But wasn't this an irrelevant event? Speaking of which isn't this whole "we met before" a mediocre plot device we have seen like a dozen of times?

Connection between major characters | While You Were Sleeping
Connection between major characters | While You Were Sleeping

The show makes us feel like it's a small community where everyone is linked in some way or the other: Hon-joo breaks up with Yoo-bum, the long aged hatred between Yoo-bum and Jae-chan, the growing affection between Hon-joo and Jae-chan, their past and the connection of Jae-chan's younger brother to the case. Gosh! So many connections within a span of four episodes. 

We saw some new faces, new relations and a whole lot of interlaced connections among them. Those connections can get a bit overwhelming and sometimes unnecessary. It felt like all the efforts were put into perfecting the pilot episodes. It didn't carry same charm as the first two episodes in beautifully transitioning from present to past/future and vice versa.  Overall, it was a fun watch but not an exciting one. Will the show fizzle out or will the upcoming episodes make up for it?

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