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Since it first aired, the show is receiving all the love from its audience, so much so that it has scooped the highest rating among the series in the same time slot. The name says it all, if medical drama is your thing, then this series should definitely be on your bucket list.

Hospital ship is about a team of doctors and nurses aboard a ship who travel to remote villages that lack hospitals or any medical facilities. They carry out routine check-ups and transport critical patients, if any, to the nearest hospital. And often times deal with some crazy situations that make for great entertainment.

The show starts with all the intensity and chaos that aren't present in your typical Korean drama. As the episode progresses so does our curiosity. This form of introductory writing is a great way to pull the audience's attention right from the beginning. Not just the story, the series is shot in some of the most scenic locations, away from the city and into the most surreal locations of South Korea.

Scene from Hospital Ship Korean drama
Scene from First Episode Hospital Ship

The pilot episode sets the pace with a scene from the ship amidst a huge blizzard. In no time, the story shifts and takes us back to a few days, where we are introduced to the main characters. Few minutes into the drama and we are already inside an operating room witnessing a live surgery. The first episode was more dramatic than I anticipated.

First Surgery by Eun-jae | Hospital Ship
First Surgery by Eun-jae | Hospital Ship

The writers have carefully managed to reveal tiny details of each person's past. We are not just fixated to know about the future events, but we are also left curious about the individual pasts.

The characters we know so far:

Song Eun-jae

Song Eun-jae, Hospital Ship
Song Eun-jae | Hospital Ship

Out of all the main protagonists, Song Eun-jae played by Ha Ji-won stands out. An outstanding surgeon who is working her way to become the youngest chief of the hospital. But things take a different turn for her as she ends up on the hospital ship.

Eun-jae is a refreshing character that is unusual in the Korean dramas. She is strong, commanding and extremely stubborn. Sugar-coating conversations isn't her way, nor is being kind; this surely makes it hard for us to love her in the beginning. But her knowledge and her confidence to pull off a dangerous surgery to save her patients despite the disbelief from her colleagues is what makes her likable to a certain extent.

Kwak Hyun

Kwak Hyun in Hospital Ship
Kwak Hyun | Hospital Ship | Credit: Asia Wiki

The male protagonist Kwak Hyun is a physician played by Kang Min-hyuk, an incredibly talented actor. He is the complete opposite of Enu-jae. He is one of those friendly soft-spoken doctors who will make you want to visit the clinic more often. It will be fun to watch how he gets along with Eun-jae.

There is a little insight into Min-hyuk's dark past which revolves around his father and it is probably the reason why he volunteers to join the hospital ship.

The other main leads are the military trained doctors- Kim Jae-gul (Lee Seo-won), an oriental doctor and Cha Joon-young (Kim In-sik) a dentist. 

Military Trained Doctors
Military Trained Doctors | Hospital Ship | Credit: Asia Wiki

Others on board are the nurses Yoo A-Rim played by Min A and Pyo Go-Eun played by Jung Kyung-Soon.

Nurses on Hopsital Ship
Yoo A-Rim and Pyo Go-Eun | Hospital Ship | Credit: Asia Wiki

Not to forget the ship captain Bang Sung-Woo and the manager Choo Won-Gong played by Lee Han-W and Kim Kwang-Kyu respectively.

Ship Captain And Manager
Ship Captain And Manager | Hospital Ship | Credit: Asia Wiki

With so much drama unfolding, these characters bring some humour into the show. It's fun seeing these amazing actors play these witty characters.

The first two episodes of Hospital Ship has been brilliantly written, it has moments of awe. The little yet effective peek into each characters' past manages to keep our anticipation for future episodes alive. There are scenes right from the operation theatre that gives this show a sense of reality. And we are likely to witness more such challenging surgeries in the coming episodes. From the perfectly placed cliff-hangers to the brilliant story, the show, for now, is on the right track.

The only drawback to the show is some of its clichéd scenes. Though not many, the writers can make do without it. With so many things happening in the first two episodes the wait for the upcoming episodes is surely getting harder.

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